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Our family of high speed IP connectivity services provide fast access to the internet, enabling you to meet your ever increasing bandwidth needs. Take advantage of what cloud-based services can offer your business.
Look at our high performance connections, unrivalled support for our internet access, our and IP telephony solution and other cloud based communication services.


Today’s business applications depend on IP and Ethernet protocols, and Ethernet has emerged as the wide area network (WAN) technology of choice for commercial internet access. Whether used for dedicated internet access, connections to private cloud applications or virtual private networks, Ethernet promises an efficient, simple, scalable and cost-effective solution. Here’s why:

1. It’s Ethernet

Systems communicating over Ethernet divide a stream of data into shorter pieces called frames. Each frame contains source and destination addresses and allows error-checking of data packets so that damaged data can be detected and re-transmitted. Hence Ethernet is far more stable and reliable than standard broadband services.

Many technologies promising broadband to consumers and businesses are typically used only for Internet access or basic voice services. Ethernet meets business-class symmetric service requirements, providing scalable, reliable and manageable features with quality of service options. 

2. Ethernet Over Copper

All business facilities are connected to the legacy copper voice network where Ethernet over Copper (EoC) can be installed in a matter of weeks, providing the local network has been enabled. EoC solutions include identical management, resilience and Quality of Service (QoS) features similar to their fibre counterparts, allowing a customer experience equal to fibre-based Ethernet services.

3. Ethernet Over Fibre

Fibre Optic Ethernet is a premium, high speed connectivity service for businesses that demand high availability and high capacity services. Among technologies that deliver Ethernet-based business service, fibre optic connectivity is preferred for its near limitless capacity and reliability. Speeds of up to 1Gb are available. It is provided as a dedicated connection and offers the option to converge internet and voice services, over a single connection, onto the local network.

Fibre Optic Ethernet offers a dedicated, high capacity, uncontended business class connection. Converging voice and data on to a single, managed connection creates significant cost savings. The service is flexible, as bandwidth can be quickly upgraded when needed.


We can provide high-quality, scalable, managed services. The combination of our network, our SIP trunk connectivity, our IP telephony products and our UK-based support team, give you the reassurance that your internet access and cloud services will enable you to run your organisation more efficiently, stay ahead of the competition and allow you to grow your business in the new, digital economy.

Ethernet FTTC

We offer a full range of fibre to the cabinet ethernet services, with the following benefits:

  • Entry-level solution
  • Rental costs and installation lead times are significantly lower than dedicated Fibre over Ethernet and EFM services
  • Fast, reliable internet access at a more affordable price and includes all the benefits of Ethernet connection

Ethernet First Mile

Our EFM service comes with the following benefits:

  • Committed and upgradeable bandwidth speeds
  • Delivered in half the time of Fibre over Ethernet
  • Doesn’t compromise quality or service levels
  • Delivered using up to 8 copper pairs with proactive monitoring

Inherently resilient, ensuring enhanced business continuity


We provide a complete range of Fibre Ethernet services, providing the following benefits:

  • Highly reliable, secure and fast data connectivity
  • Dedicated, secure, uncontended business-class connections for all of your voice and data traffic
  • Ideal for organisations wishing to converge voice and data on a single connection, including SIP trunks and hosted telephony
  • Helps to reduce the cost of private networking while improving the quality of service and support
  • Scalability and flexibility unavailable from legacy internet services
  • A single, accountable supplier, with robust end-to-end SLA’s that include 24/7 UK-based monitoring and support

We can provide a range of resilient, failover solutions which give you assurance of enhanced availability levels to support business-critical applications and protection against unforeseen network incidents.

Installs are carried out by Cisco-accredited engineers who will configure and connect the managed routers.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

MPLS is an upgrade on traditional point-to-point networks and is ideal for businesses with multi-site locations. Each location is connected to a “private cloud” and offers internet access straight into the private WAN. Internet policies can be centrally controlled and delivered directly into each location. Organisations can improve responsiveness and access to key business systems hosted within the core network.

The key business drivers for MPLS VPN's are the need for convergence and prioritisation as companies strive for the network efficiencies and competitive edge offered by today's business critical applications. Businesses want to benefit from the reduction in their operating costs as well as lowering the business risk by having an experienced accountable supplier.

We offer tailor-made solutions, running over our secure, resilient datacentres.

Take Advantage of The Cloud


Polaris Telecoms specialise in providing high performance, internet access solutions for organisations across the UK. Our business grade network is optimised for commercial users, enabling them to take advantage of data, cloud computing, WAN connections, VoIP and video conferencing.

To find out more about the unique benefits of our data service, click on the download link icon to the right.


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