Business Grade HD Video-Conferencing for Smaller Businesses - from
Have you been put off by the high price of video conferencing solutions ?
Fed up with the frustrations of PC webcam chat systems like Skype ?

At a fraction of the cost paid by large corporate organisations, has opened up the high quality, video-conferencing market to smaller businesses.

Now you can benefit from a simple to operate, high definition, video-conferencing solution at less than a tenth of the price paid by big business.

It’s time to take a fresh look at video-conferencing.

Polaris Telecoms has partnered with Cambridge-based company , to offer a completely new HD video conferencing experience. Simple to operate, conference in with colleagues or customers on another BlinkPipe connection, or from a desktop Mac or PC browser, or on the move with a tablet or smartphone – all at a low, low fixed price.

With in your meeting room:-

  • walk in
  • sit down
  • dial the conference phone
  • the auto-framing camera fires up
  • the TV switches on automatically
    ….. and off you go …….

No remote controls. No complicated manuals. No more test calls. No more huddling around a laptop webcam. No more eye-watering bills for telepresence projects. No expensive ISDN phone lines. Works in conjunction with a standard conference phone.

We chose BlinkPipe because we loved the concept: a video-conference call
that takes no more energy or effort than making a regular telephone call. Equally, the ability to switch easily and quickly to Presentation Mode means that the conference host can present a Power Point show, or a spreadsheet, or other documents to the conference participants. The benefit of this is hugely valuable to our business

Simon Galbraith, CEO, Redgate Software

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See in action in your office and the benefits HD video-conferencing can offer you.


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