IP Direct Connect

IPDC (IP Direct Connect)

  • Telephone trunk lines using internet access to connect to the public telephone network, for any size of business or organisation currently using their own PBX (private branch exchange) phone switch or key system.
  • A highly flexible alternative to ISDN solutions. Designed to integrate with all the leading IP PBX manufacturers in the UK market.

What is IPDC ?

  • IPDC connects your PBX to our telephone network, via a secure internet connection, replacing the traditional ISDN trunk connection.
  • Internet access can be provided over ADSL broadband or ethernet, and is delivered as an end-to-end service with an availability guarantee, voice channel guarantees and voice quality of service assurances.

What are the Operating Advantages ?

  • Flexibility with Phone Numbers. You can move offices and keep your same geographic business number, without the ongoing cost of call forwarding, or any changes necessary for your clients and partners to update their contact information.
  • Business Continuity. If your office is inaccessible or has to be temporarily relocated in an emergency, this can quickly and cost effectively be achieved with SIP trunking.
  • Line Rationalisation. For businesses with multiple sites, SIP trunking enables line rationalisation and reduces the number of PBX switches you need to maintain, something not possible with ISDN.
  • Resilience. A phone service which will give you 100% of up time. Businesses can keep running without expensive call forwarding costs in a disaster or emergency, or if you need to load balance calls between sites – SIP trunking delivers.

What are the Business Advantages ?

  • Save Money. IPDC line rentals costs less than ISDN: add or reduce the number of trunks online, one at a time (e.g. a special marketing campaign); lower call costs; free phone calls, either internally or site-to-site (including international); no expensive call forwarding calls.
  • A simple monthly bill, everything is transparent with Polaris Telecoms - no hidden charges.
  • Productivity gains from Rich Presence and My Calls facilities.

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